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Our Expertise

We take pleasure in creating animation masterpieces for you and your business. Here are some of the most popular animation types among our clients and the best part is, we can handle them all!

Whiteboard Animation

Custom character and typography animations on whiteboard to get your message across to your audience in the most intricate fashion. We work to ascertain that your ideas and message stand out from the crowd.

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Motion Graphics

Immaculate graphic animations that offer a unique and unparalleled viewer experience. With custom build graphics, transitions and animations you message will blow your audience away, compelling them to fall in love with your brands.

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2D Explainer Videos

Custom 2D Explainer Videos exclusively made to suit your specifications. With precision at its core, 2D Explainer Videos created by Animation Sharks enable you to create an aura around your service that makes them outshine the competition.

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This is the true art of playing around with fonts and words to deliver your message. Typography is a magical medium to turn your message into a visual masterpiece that get your audience attracted towards it without much effort.

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