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We at Animation Sharks delivers the best Custom Whiteboard Animation to our customers. We strive to cater brands with productive campaigns and videos that can help them expand their avenues. We create such videos that show the highest level of expertise and unbeatable professionalism.

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Whiteboard Animation

We promise to deliver Whiteboard Animated videos that showcase the finest traits and generate double folds on investments. In the most sophisticated manner, we incorporate the entire brand’s personality and help the target customers grab the useful information through the most engaging whiteboard animated videos.

In our custom whiteboard animation, we ask our customers to define their unique needs. Our panel of experts strives round-the-clock to deliver the best whiteboard animation videos. We are equipped with the best quality tools that help us provide the highest quality animation.


Whiteboard Animation Creators

Can you resist an engaging animated with appealing content and smoothly moving graphics to watch? Definitely not! One of the major perks of having an animated video is its appeal. It's not only attention-grabbing but has such aspects that make a viewer spend time more than he expected. According to Wordstream report of 2018, videos can drive up to 157% rise in organic traffic.

The average length of an animated video should not be more than a minute or two. The perfect and most recommended video length is between 1 minute to 2 minutes as that ideally keeps the viewer engrossed in the content.

As you exceed the time a viewer is likely to get distracted. Video having more than 120s time mostly lacks the ability to garner attention. As per the statistics, videos having 1-2 minutes’ length can generate the most engagements.

When browsing for credible platforms to get your video created you may get bombarded with tons of suggestions. So, to help you produce a highly captivating video, one that can enhance engagements, here is a list of top 10 whiteboard animation creators for you.


Videoscribe is a highly professional animation maker with bundled features. The tool is rich with features to help users create engaging videos that can keep viewers engaged for longer. You do not need any expert skills, by simply following the drag and drop principle you can create whichever kind of video you want. Videoscribe has a wide array of options that assist creators to add interactive and captivating aspects in the video.

Animation Sharks

Animation Sharks is a credible animated venture that allows newbies and professionals a venue to unleash their creativity. You can indulge in the seamlessness of the tool and create most captivating custom whiteboard animations effortlessly. The tool is backed with a huge gallery of options that helps users in many ways. Moreover, those who lack professional skills can find a separate tutorial section that provides them with an expert exposure to gather tips and guidelines to animate. Its free and rich with features to make your video stand apart from the clutters.


Explaindio is yet another professional tool equipped with features to encourage the creation of whiteboard animated videos. The tool is a classic software that provides a long list of option which you can use to draw characters and set them to motion. Moreover, the availability of color palette helps users fill appropriate colors to captivate viewers. You can freely navigate into the tool and enjoy the many features.

Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC is best use by professionals who have advanced skills to draw and create animated videos. The tool is equipped with options that allows to add more appealing aspects into the animation. You can enhance the aesthetics, add graphics, create different frames and make sure that your video stand out. Adobe provides a number of tools that all are backed with advanced technology to ensure perfection. You can add CGI graphics as well to garner greater attention. Adobe is the tool for professional and it ensures engagements at its peak.


Are you fan of doodle art? Do you want to create a doodle art video with motion graphics to captivate your audience? If so, here is the best video maker- Doodly. The tool is a gem in the doodle art industry. It has a number of features and options that assist users create most amazing and engaging videos. You can add colors through the massive color palette and enhance the appeal. Doodly is recommended by professional from every corner of the globe for its easy to use interface.

TTS sketch Maker

TTS Sketch Maker is a sketch making tool that helps storyboard artist to draw images and frames effortlessly. There is no rocket science involved in the platform. All you have to do is to select the frame and you required maker, resize it, customize the color and begin drawing. For your help, there are a number of icons, images and features that can speed up your drawing process making it more feasible and convenient to draw. As you know are the most important asset of an animated video, it must be created with professionalism. When you get to use such expert tools it will become simplified and add more appeal in the video.


Animaker is next to Adobe in terms of its features. The tool is backed with a huge gallery of options from a wide range of brushes to an equipped color palette. You will never feel hindered or stuck when creating animation using the tool. It is the best help for beginners and newbies who lack professional skills. The tool is easy to use and offers tips to help you create with perfection. Animaker has everything needed to increase engagements and to double the appeal of your videos. It can help you reach out to the target audience more efficiently.


Whenever you think about an animation maker the first name that pops in your mind is PowToon. The tool has been among the list of top tools for years due to its productive options and helpful guides. PowToon can help you create the best whiteboard animation having captivating aspects. It allows drag and drop options to the users that saves the time to animate and powers truck the appeal in the video. Your video gets the wing to fly off to many regions, indulging viewers and generating tons of revenues.


GoAnimate is one of the finest and simplest animation making software. It is powered by productive toolkit that uses drag and drop functionality to operate. Moreover, the interface is clear and minimalist, encouraging talented animators to unleash their creativity. You get the avenue to bring your ideas to life, drawing most captivating animation to entice your target viewers. It can be best used to make engaging whiteboard animation with multiple frames. Whiteboard animations may look simple but requires extra efforts. GoAnimate can help you add creativity in your video to make it perform better.


When wondering about how to create an awesome and lead-generating whiteboard video, look no further and quickly get on Moovly. The tool is helpful, efficient and rich with options to save your time and let you produce a video to excite your viewers. It allows users to fill eye-pleasing colors through the broad color palette and maximize the reach of a video by adding interesting aspects. Moovly has everything you want to create a video that can stand out from the clutters.

Winding Down

Each of the tool mentioned in the list above are professional and highly authentic. Allowing users to work freely, they are backed with highly advanced technology. All you have to do is to check each one of them and pick the one that fits perfect with your needs.

However, you must remember one thing that your video must be appropriate and captivating. It should be rich with features that can accelerate productivity and growth. Your animation should be interesting and has uniformity to reflect the brand’s image. You can do wonders only if you have great tools in your hand.

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